The Heart of Resilience!

Unwrapping the Gift of Sensitivity

Find Peace and Clarity from Within by Using the Power of the HEART

Overwhelmed by the stresses of life?  Are you tired of the rat race, feeling like a hamster on the wheel?  You know there is a better way, yet somehow staying on that path seems more and more difficult at times.  Join my community and feed your soul with Truths, and real conversations from the Heart that will keep your life on purpose and on the path to Self Discovery


I’m Shelley

First a daughter, then a sister, eventually a mother, and today, an author, speaker, coach, and overall life navigating enthusiast! Professionally I spent 30 years as an audiologist, specializing in childhood development and sensory integration.  Led by my Heart, I eventually left the profession in order to connect with others from the inside out, encouraging others to live more from the Heart, remembering who we truly are and why we are here.  

What I Do

The Heart of Resilience for Parents

In my book “No Child Left Unwrapped; Understanding and Honoring the Gifts Every Child is Born With” I discuss how children are evolving and why the old ways of educating and parenting our children are no longer supporting todays youth.  Connecting with Heart, and providing an emotionally safe environment for children to grow up in, is the key to every child’s happiness and success in life.  

The Heart of Resilience for the Highly Sensitive Person

Living life as a highly sensitive person is a beautiful Gift, however, most of us have had to crawl our way through the emotional pain of feeling different, and as if there was something seriously broken inside of us.  Many of us have heard all our lives that we were too sensitive, and overly emotional.  But what if the perceived curse is actually one of the most beautiful Gifts anyone could have been blessed to recieve.   

The Heart of Resilience for Recovery from Addiction

When it comes to addiction, we tend to focus on the addiction itself, neglecting the underlying cause or the root of the problem.  This further exasperates the affects of the problem, causing us to replace one addiction for another, or to constantly fight relapsing, going back and forth judging ourselves and feeling ashamed.  But what if I was to tell you, there is a really good reason for your behavior. Discover the Truth and be set Free.  


"Shelley took time with me on the phone to listen and really try to understand our little girl. She got us on the right path and my family is grateful for all that she did for us"


“There isn't and never will be another Shelley Francis who knows as much as you. I will always be grateful for everything you've done to help Nicholas.”


"So thankful! Shelley listened to the problem I was having and then immediately dived in and helped me fix it. She was so patient and insightful. I learned a lot! Thank you!"


Shelley, You’re sessions have given me insight on so many things, but most importantly you have given me the insight on the past experiences I went through. It finally gives me an explanation for what I was experiencing, and pinpoints me where I am now. Your sessions inspire growth and acceptance for myself, and for that I am truly grateful. Thank you for all that you do! -Blake G



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