No Child Left Unwrapped

Understanding and Honoring the Gifts Every Child is Born With

Do you know a child who struggles to pay attention? To communicate with other children and adults? To manage their highly sensitive feelings? To show the “right” emotions? Do you worry that life is going to be hard for this child… forever?

More children today are being diagnosed with developmental delays, anxiety disorders, and social emotional issues than ever before. And children today are facing more challenges than ever before—social, emotional, even spiritual challenges—yet society and our present educational system are still looking at our children through the lens of an old paradigm that honors intellectual gifts and physical talents, above all else.

But what if nothing is wrong with our children? What if our children are simply more sensitive, intuitive, empathic, connected to their own inner worlds? What if our highly sensitive children are the greatest gift to our world, if only we would unwrap their gifts?

Our children are not broken. Our children have a beautiful gift of resilience and empathy. If only we knew how to truly see them. Most of us (parents, educators, specialists), we focus on outside forces and circumstances. We so easily get wrapped up in seeing only a sensitive child, a learning disability, a sensory processing disorder, a social anxiety, or simply a tendency to be a bit different.

No Child Left Unwrapped challenges us to look at our children differently than we ever have before. Our society is based on an old paradigm that is no longer serving our children and youth of today. It’s time for us to help our children discover their unique awesomeness because every child is born with beautiful gifts that are meant to be unwrapped and shared with the world.

About the Author

Shelley Francis practiced as an audiologist for over 25 years, with a specialty in the treatment of auditory processing disorder. In her work with children, she feels blessed to learn from them and to be able to help them recognize their unique gifts through adversity. Shelley loves watching her grown daughter, Casey, develop her own unique awesomeness in the world.

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