APD Unwrapped


An introduction to auditory processing providing a clear understanding of what auditory processing is, the red flags to look for, explaining the evaluation process, and what it all means for your child.



APD Unwrapped: Auditory Processing Made Easy

This course is a 4-week program with a video module each week, along with live support from me

Each module includes a 10 to 15-minute video, along with a printable worksheet.  You will also be part of a private Facebook group where you can post questions and share with others in the group.

Once a week, we will come together for a live group session to discuss the module and expand the conversation.

It is my intention that at the end of this 4-week program, you will have the confidence understand what auditory processing is, how it is affecting your child, and how you can support your child’s unique auditory development.

It is also my hope that you will better understand the gifts that often come with having an auditory processing challenge.


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