Spontaneous Transformation Session


A 50-minute guided session which uses the Spontaneous Transformation Technique to release the trapped emotions and feelings which can cause stress and anxiety.


Feelings are beautiful gifts of the Heart that help guide us through the journey of life.  However, many of us are never taught how to feel our feelings, express our feelings, or how to release our feelings. 

Often these feelings become attached to a story.  After repeated experiences of the same story and the same feelings being attached to these stories, the feelings become trapped emotions.  

We then develop the habit of reacting to our emotions instead of responding to our emotions. 

Trapped emotions cause stress and anxiety that is triggered by our repeated experiences.

Trapped emotions can also cause physical illness within our body.  

Identifying what trapped emotions you may be holding onto is the first step to healing.  The next step is to communicate with our body and discover where in our body a trapped emotion may be living.

The next step in the process is to love it, be grateful for it, allow it to be expressed, and then released.  

The Spontaneous Transformation Technique is a beautiful guided dialogue that you have with your body and your trapped emotion that allows for a Spontaneous Transformation to occur. 


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