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Shelley Francis is the author of No Child Left Unwrapped.  She was inspired by the challenges her brother faced growing up with an undiagnosed learning disability. Shelley’s brother not only suffered challenges and failures growing up in school but also bouts of depression and fear of failure later in his adult life.

In 1989, Shelley opened her practice East Meadow Hearing and Speech Center, and in 1992, she began devoting her practice to understanding, diagnosing and helping children with auditory processing disorder.

Over the years she noticed a trend where more and more children were being seen as extra sensitive, not only with their physical senses, but with their heart.  By using her own sensitivities she is able to look past a child’s diagnosis and connect with their heart.  

Today, Shelley remains motivated by both her passion to help children and her unique perspective in childhood development.  She is helping parents and professionals see beyond a child’s diagnosis in order to help them cultivate and develop their true gifts.  It is her hope that her book and her teachings will help create the needed paradigm shifts within our education system and within our society that will better support our beautiful sensory sensitive children of today.

Through speaking engagements and consultations, Shelley notably shares her empathy, compassion, and knowledge.


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Email:  shelley@thelisteninglab.com

Phone: 754-666-2663


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