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Here are some free gifts that I am offering. I am continuing to add things so please check back and see what new things are being created.

Understanding Auditory Processing eBook

eDiscover the hidden truth and go beyond the ears to understand what auditory processing is and what it really means if you ar someone you care about has been diagnosed with an auditoty processing disorder.

Get answers to questions such as:

How does my daughter’s reading challenge relate to a possible APD?

My child is diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, can he also have Auditory Processing weaknesses?

At what age can my child really be tested?

…and much much more.

5 Steps to Unwrapping Your Child's Gifts

Every child is born with beautiful Gifts that are meant to be unwrapped and shared with the world.  However, far to often these Gifts remain hidden behind false labels and missed diagnoses. This mini course outlines 5 important steps to understanding what your child’s Gifts are, and how to help them to cultivate and develop them.

Free Download

More children today are being diagnosed with developmental delays, anxiety disorders, and social emotional issues than ever before. And children today are facing more challenges than ever before—social, emotional, even spiritual challenges—yet society and our present educational system are still looking at our children through the lens of an old paradigm that honors intellectual gifts and physical talents, above all else.  

No Child Left Unwrapped challenges us to look at our children differently and honor the Gifts of the Heart.  

APD Toolkit

This is a resource that I created to be used as a guide to what programs are available today to help strengthen auditory processing skills. With this guide you will be able to match up which programs and apps target which specific Auditory processing skills.  There is also an explanation of each auditory processing skill and how it relates to specific challenges.

New Paradigm Blueprint

Children today are evolving at a very fast pace. They are changing, but our schools are not. The old paradigm and old belief systems are no longer serving them.

In order to help our children, I believe it is essential that we first begin understanding them, and begin to really see them.
Our world is in need of more caring and compassionate people, and I believe more and more of our children today are being born more sensitive, more compassionate, and more creative.

True intelligence is more than what is programmed into our brains. True intelligence comes from the heart and an inner knowing of what is right and what is wrong.

I believe that it’s time that we stop trying to make our children fit into an old mold, and we allow our children to create their own unique molds.

I believe that the old paradigm of competition needs to be replaced with a new paradigm of cooperation.
…and I believe that it is time for our schools to pave the road toward this new model.

In the following New Paradigm Mind Map, I demonstrate how our children are evolving, and the beauty behind this evolution.
The change is here, it’s happening now. By understanding it, we can help our children who are struggling with their new way of perceiving the world, while being forced to live within an old paradigm that is no longer serving them. Every child deserves the right to thrive. Here are a few examples of what the new paradigm looks like, and how it will better serve our children of today, and of the future.

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