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No Child Left Unwrapped; Understanding and Honoring the Gifts Every Child is Born With

Release Date: November 13, 2018

More and more children today are being born extra sensitive and this helps explain the increase we are seeing with so many children today needing extra services.  This book’s main focus is on how we can help them develop their natural born gifts.  We take a deep look beyond the physical and how important it is that we honor and help all of our children cultivate their inner selves. It’s not just about children who are diagnosed with developmental delays, but it is about how humanity is evolving and why it is so important that we look at education and child development from the perspective of a new paradigm instead of the old outdated paradigm that we are trying to get our children to fit into.


HEARt BEATS – Beyond the Ears with Answers, Tools, and Support

Auditory Processing Disorder Handbook

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