What I Do

I help children and adults, who struggle with being overly sensitive, to achieve understanding and hope, by providing answers, tools, and support.

I believe every child is born with beautiful gifts that are meant to be shared with the world.  However, often these gifts go unnoticed or undeveloped due to developmental differences and societal beliefs.

My Philosophy

We are living in a world today of rapid change. More and more of our children are being born sensitive which I believe is happening in order to support humanities evolution.

We are also seeing more and more adults today waking up to their own sensitivities that until now they have managed to keep hidden.  This can be a confusing time for many of us when we do not understand what is actually happening.


My Methods

Through my book “No Child Left Unwrapped- Understanding and honoring the gifts every child is born with” and my blog, online programs, tools, and support,  I show you how our perception of the world is changing from an outside-in perception to a inside-out perception.


My Goals

It is my goal to shine a light on the gifts that live in every child.  In the search to help our children, I believe we often loose sight of their beautiful soul and the true perfection of who they are.

Its time we replace the old paradigm with a new paradigm that better serves humanity and the world.


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