Auditory Processing Unwrapped

APD Unwrapped: Auditory Processing Made Easy (online program)

Are you a professional working with children who are struggling with auditory processing abilities? Are you a parent struggling to understand how you can best support your child?  In this online program you can work at your own pace in order to understand what auditory processing disorder is, what an auditory processing weakness is, and what the difference is between the two.  You will learn what the different auditory processing terms are, what skills are typically evaluated, what signs to look for when suspecting an auditory processing challenge, and what you can do to improve specific auditory processing skills.

One-on-one coaching

Are you confused by all the mixed information out there?  Are your struggling to understand your child’s challenges?  Are you receiving labels that don’t seem to fit what you believe is going on?  Do you want to know what your next best steps are?  Has your child been given the diagnosis of an Auditory Processing Disorder, but you are not sure what that really means?  With one on one coaching you will have the answers to these questions and more.  Real support with real answers.  

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