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Parenting today is filled with so many more challenges than ever.  Our youth today are facing things that we never had to worry about.  

It is easy to place the blame on such things as social media, video games, and violence on tv, yet the truth is, our children today are more equipped than ever to handle these new unprecedented challenges.  

As we are overly concerned about controlling the influence of so much outer technology, we have been blind to the fact that their inner technology is more advanced as well.  

Discover the power of Heart, and help your child learn how to regulate their emotions, discover their Gifts, and live life authenticly with purpose.

APD, ADD, and more


Have you or someone y0u care about been diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, APD, SPD, autism, language learning delay, dyslexia, or some other behavioral label?

Are you confused by a particular label or have questions about what it really means?

Labels are often confusing especially since they often overlap. Which is why I like to see everyone as unique by understanding that each of us has our own individual Sensory Code, and it is this code that plays a major role in how we behave and perceive the world around us.  

Understanding this allows us to honor the path each of us are on, and release judgement bringing us peace of mind.   



Highly Sensitive 

Most of us have grown up in a world where we have been made to believe that being sensitive is a weakness, and in some cases, have even been taught to hide our feelings.

For the Highly Sensitive person, this world view has made life extremely challenging.  

The problem is not our sensitivity, but instead, the problem is we have not been taught how to regulate our emotions.  Often we have been told we are too sensitive, or that we should not feel a certain way.  

When our feelings are not honored, they can leave us feeling broken, misunderstood, and as if we just do not fit in anywhere.  

Well the truth is my friend, your sensitivity, or your child’s sensitivity is actually a beautiful Gift.





The underlying cause of any addiction is an attempt to regulate our emotions.  Typically, we learn to self regualte our emotions during childhood development.  It happens naturally when we feel safe growing up, our needs are being met, we feel supported, and our emotions are honored. 

Our emotions are extremely important to our wellbeing, unfortunately we live in a society that values thinking intellect over emotional intellect, and this has left many of us searching out side of oursevles for a way to feel good.  

Most of us struggle with one addiction or another, all in an attempt regulate our emotions. People who are extra sensitive, struggle with this even more. Connecting with the Gifts of the Heart, ends the relapsing loop by addressing the underlying problem of addiction.  

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